Color Theory Collective - Portland Wedding Florist

Born in Seattle, WA and having grown up across the United States, Alyssa has always had a deep appreciation for the color and form found in different types of geography and nature. As a third generation visual artist, design has been a constant and an assumed presence in Alyssa's life. Although wanting to pursue film-making, she tried to be practical and earned her Bachelor of Science in Graphic Design. Swiftly after graduating from a small university outside Chicago in 2008 with said degree, she became a florist and has been designing flowers ever since. Not only does she specialize in floral design and run-on sentences, but she thrives when oil painting portraits, photographing landscapes, and constructing art and floral installations.

Please contact Alyssa if you have any interest or need in collaboration on a visual or experiential project in Portland, Oregon or elsewhere. Whether it be a photoshoot, mural design, event floral design, brand/logo design or some strange project you're trying to tackle, Color Theory Collective wants to hear from you!!  

Keep an eye on our Blog for writings that may be more relevant to a tortured artist, rather than a bride to be. If you are both, then it is perfect for you! 




 Floral design for a publication in The Scout Guide ATX

Floral design for a publication in The Scout Guide ATX


Digital plan was designed for the Knot event at Austin's South Congress Hotel in 2016. Wall was designed by the exact measurements and colors of the plan to create a wall that was approximately 15x20 feet.