Color Theory Collective - Portland Wedding Florist

Having grown up across the United States, I have always had a deep appreciation for the color and form found in different types of geography and nature. As a third generation visual artist, design has been a constant assumed presence in my life! Over 12 years I found floral design a career as well as an artistic outlet. Since then I’ve grown to truly appreciate the nature of wedding floral design and the vision that it requires. Designing one floral arrangement can be satisfying, but visualizing, planning and executing an event design is an art form all in itself.

Not only do I specialize in floral design and run-on sentences, but I thrive when oil painting, giving art direction, playing pool, and constructing art installations.  

Keep an eye on our Blog for writings that may be more relevant to a tortured artist, rather than a bride to be. If you are both, then it is perfect for you!