Floral Arrangement

Floral Arrangement

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Each of our designs is custom based on what is freshest at the market and any color preferences you share upon placing your order. All designs come in a neutral compote and have an airy, garden-like aesthetic- similar to the designs seen here and throughout our website.

SIZE GUIDE | This custom design comes in 4 different sizes of your choosing- petite, medium, large and grand. 

Petite | Designed in a low vessel, this design is perfect for a side table or a desk. 

Medium | Designed in a low compote, this design is ideal for a coffee table, a small dining room table or a desk. 

Large | Designed in a low compote, this design will fit perfectly on a large dining room table, a foyer, a kitchen island or a large coffee table. 

Grand | Designed in a large compote, this will make a grand statement and is ideal for a foyer, a large dining room table, a large kitchen island or just to "wow" your loved one!

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